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Brilliance in Teaching

Eliminate mundane, boring teaching and start spicing up YOUR classes. Feel inspired and motivated whilst teaching. Embrace excellence and watch your clients beaming with joy when they leave your facility. Have your ever learnt the 5 fundamental principles of Brilliant Teaching? The time is NOW! Are you ready to LOVE your LIFELONG career? The aim of this course is to guide you to improved teaching skills. You will be able to implement the 5 fundamental teaching principles and therefore teach classes that are dynamic, inspiring and motivating for both you and your clients.

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Training the Elderly

This course enables the movement professional to teach the elderly with various precautions in mind. You will cover the fundamental goals of teaching the elderly as well as address their needs without placing them in uncomfortable positions or perform movements that are contraindicated. You will also gain an understanding of how to modify and assist various exercises and therefore meet the clients needs. You will also learn about teaching style which is required to deliver a successful class for this population.

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Amazing Lower Abdominal Activation

This course is designed to provide the Fitness Professional with a comprehensive movement program that will enable their client to connect to their lower abdominals as well as strengthen them efficiently without any compensations. Lower abdominal activation is felt to different degrees in this course whereby there is a build-up of activation versus strength training. We leap out of the box to create an amazing Lower abdominal programme that can be used for toning, functional training and rehabilitation.

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