Sport and Exercise Science: An Introduction

Sport and Exercise Science: An Introduction provides a broad based introduction to the three areas that underpin the scientific study of sport and exercise science. For students of Sport and Exercise Science, this book will help to develop a sound understanding of human anatomy, physiology, nutrition, metabolism, biomechanics and psychology related to sport, exercise and health. The book brings together into one volume the basic principles behind the physiological, biomechanical and psychological bases of human performance. With extensive cross-referencing and an accessible design, the text presents clear and comprehensive explanations of key concepts, providing every student with the foundation knowledge crucial to their success at this level. Relevant examples and related activities give context and demonstrate the practical applications of the theoretical elements of sports studies, making this ground-breaking textbook essential reading for all students of sports science and related degrees.

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Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 978-0340815694